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Strongroom is home to a thriving community of independent breweries and distilleries, DJs, record producers, song writers, artist managers, record labels, publishers and production companies, all contributing to the uniquely welcoming, creative musical atmosphere. Meet the humans who make up our amazing team and community.

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Team Members

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Assistant Manager
Georgy (Greg)
Events Manager
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Spectrum is a promotions collective dedicated to diversity, equality & inclusion, bringing you a selection of the best new music every month.
Bark runs a monthly show at Strongroom, working with brilliant emerging artists and bands. They've been booking for a number of years across London now.
Other Side Promotions
London based promoters Other Side Promotions are purveyors of the finest Psychedelic Rock, Post Punk and Shoegaze music from all over the world.
Buzzsaw Joint
DJ / Promoter
Buzzsaw Joint a night of trashy rock n roll. From the primitive sounds of the sixties to wild delinquent punk, we aim to keep the dancefloor movin!
Certified Bangers
Callum Brown (Ulrika Spacek) bring us a monthly night dedicated to playing songs certified as bangers; anti-genre, pro-good music !
Shade of Business
Shade of Business  is a mix of electronic music from different decades, from elektro to techno,  Every installation at the Strongroom we bring with us a special guest. Nights curated by Maurice Business.
In Transit
In Transit is a quarterly new music showcase curated by booking agency Runway and their partners.
Strongroom Cricket Club
Strongroom CC was formed in 1984 and has been playing cricket across London ever since (as well as a few tours to Asia and Africa). New players are always welcome, especially those associated with the Strongroom studios, bar and community.
Hackney Nights Venue Accreditation Scheme
A new accreditation scheme has arrived in Hackney. The scheme encourages licensed venues to become safer and better equipped to deal with issues around the sale of alcohol and to encourage a healthy environment for all staff, customers and visitors.


As an independent business, Strongroom is all about supporting independence in the music and drinks industry. We're always on the look out for new music to listen to along with a beer or whisky in hand. Get in touch if you want to be involved with us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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