Ukulele For Beginners with Tricity Vogue

Date: Sunday 22nd April
Time: 3pm – 4:30pm

Learn to play the ukulele – it’s small, simple and charming. It might even be the easiest instrument in the world to learn. Yes, even easier than the kazoo. Even if you’ve never picked up a musical instrument in your life, by the end of this ninety minute workshop you’ll be playing with confidence. And you’ll probably never want to put your new four-stringed friend down again. Like glitter, once the ukulele enters your life, it’s hard to shake off.

Ukuleles are provided on the day, but if you’ve got one already, do bring it along. Drop Tricity a line to let her know if you’re bringing your own – it’ll mean fewer for her to carry. She’s very happy to tune it for you.

Song sheets will be provided, which you can take home for practice once the class has finished. Sadly, Tricity will need to take her ukuleles home with her for the next class – but if you decide you want one to keep, let her know – she has a few spares up for grabs.