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Strongroom Bar
120-124 Curtain Road
Shoreditch, London
020 7426 5103

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Strongroom is an eclectic, independently-owned bar and late night venue that also happens to be home to Shoreditch’s biggest beer garden.

We first opened doors in 1997 with the intention of serving pints to the thirsty denizens of our onsite recording studios; the area had just a handful of greasy spoons and pubs at the time, and our resident engineers and visiting artists were in need of a local.

Fast forward to the present. Shoreditch may be an entirely different beast now but we remain fiercely independent and community minded. Run by a close-knit team and surrounded by an inspiring mix of artists and creative businesses, we're an oasis in the heart of east London.

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Live music is on! As are pub quizzes, tasting events, DJ's, club nights, music industry mixers and panels

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